Selecting a new cookware for the CEO

Selecting a new cookware for the CEO

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cookwareOur CEO is getting married, and I have been entrusted with the task of finding theĀ best cookware for gas stoves for her. The budget is decent, so I can afford to look for the most expensive ones around. I am, of course, taking into account my experience with different cookware sets that I have seen so far. But the dilemma continues.

According to me, best cookware should last for lifetime. But then, I am looking at it from my perspective. Most people want to change things in their home after a few years. I am not sure our CEO even cooks. But buying anything that does not meet her standards may also not be wise.

Obviously, my list includes the Swiss diamond set. This set consists of 10 pieces, including the lids. I wish they would not include the lids in the number, but they do. I liked the set and have seen it physically at the store. It is certainly impressive. The shapes are a bit curved, which makes them elegant looking pieces. They are made form cast aluminum of course. But the non-stick coating on this core is patented technology of Swiss Diamond. It genuinely has diamonds for ensuring the long lasting nature, and evenness cooking, or so says the description and salesperson. The piece is certainly PFOA free, which means it is healthy. The handles are designed keeping in mind the comfort in holding and lifting. This is one reason I preferred this set to many others. The other reason I liked this set is that the rivets are not seen inside the pots and pans. Usually, food sticks around those, and over a period, that part of the pot or pan looks ugly. Though this can withstand 260 degrees Celsius, I am not sure it can be used in ovens. The set shown to me was not suitable for induction stoves either, though I was told there is another set that is specially designed for induction stoves. I need to see that before I finalize what to purchase.

The second set that I had in mind was Scanpan CTX 10 set. There are 10 pieces even in this set, but the contemporary look of this set simply bowled me over. The set is covered with what is known as Green Tek technology for making it non-stick. Obviously, it is also PFOA free. In this set, steel and aluminum layers alternate. Externally, the set has brushed (stainless) steel to give it that stylish appearance. The surface is covered with something called ceramic titanium coating. I was impressed with that feel too. Good news is that it can be used in ovens and there will be no scratches developing on it. The stainless steel is the best quality steel, according to the description, i.e., it is 18/10 steel. Because it can be used on any type of cooking be it in oven, stove, or induction stove, I am biased towards it. The set consists of two fry pans, one of which is of 8 inches, and the other is 10.25 inches. Sauce pans are of 2 quarts and 2.75 quarts. The saute pan is also of 10.25 inches. The Dutch oven is of 7.5 quarts. The lids have glass to keep a watch on cooking. I think I am opting for this one.

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